Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weekend Recap: a whirlwind trip to Missouri!

Happy February! I hope you all are doing well this week! I think I have finally recovered from our crazy fast trip to Missouri this past weekend so I want to document it before my sleep deprived brain lets it slip away!!

A few months ago my sister texted and said to put Dad's enshrinement banquet in the calendar because he and mom were going to get an award. It is my dad's 20th year at the Hall of Fame. The Enshrinement banquet happens every year at the end of January is something I attended most of the time while living in Missouri but I've not been to it in 3 years since moving to Indiana. I put it in my calendar and kind of forgot about it until about 2 weeks before the date when we still didn't have set details.

Since I haven't been to the banquet in several years, me showing up to it this year would be strange to say the least. On top of that, Jonathon said he would like to go so there was no way my parents could know that we were coming. Thankfully Jera said she would put up with us for the 30 hours we would be there. Jeff and Judy said they could help with the kids so we didn't have to tote them across the United States!!

I woke up really early on Saturday Morning and drove the 8 hours with Jonathon (sleeping most of the way) to Bolivar. We got there about noon and the drive was actually very peaceful. I listened to some podcasts and talked to Jonathon... once he woke up!

Doesn't this freak you out?!? I hate seeing semis being towed!! It always freaks me out!

When we got to Jera's, Bryton and Turner were there to greet us! In just a few minutes, Jaylee, Jud and Mary got there too! It was nice to be around the kids and my sisters with no kids:) I never get to see the kids without my kids needing my attention so this was a little treat for me! Jonathon had lined up some guys to play games with so he was off pretty much after we arrived!

After resting some on Saturday (and by resting, I mean, laying with Bryton while she is getting out of a nap) we got ready and left to pick up my mom, sisters and nan to go to dinner. So at this point only my sisters and nan know I'm in town. My mom still doesn't know!

  Mary sent me a video that she took of us going in to mom's house but I can't get it to load on here... Thank you family historian:) maybe I'll figure it out eventually! After meeting up with mom we decided that Dad may want to eat with us so we sent him a picture with all of us girls... he was slightly pre-occupied with the banquet festivities and didn't realize I was in the video! Haha! We met up with him before dinner and he may have thought it was a little strange that I was there but he was probably so busy he hopefully didn't question why I came on his busiest weekend of the year:)

Dinner was great at Metro Grill that night.. Topped off by a strawanna, jackhammered with hot fudge from Andy's frozen custard! We drove home and I got to chat with Jera until bed time!

Sunday morning I channeled my inner high school years, through my hair into a pony tail and tried to salvage the make up I wore the night before to go to church... late! Aww I felt like I was 18 again! After church, lunch at nans, then we got ready and went to the banquet!

The car of unusual banquet attendees (Jera, Mary, Jon and myself) arrived late and sat hid in the closet until the award was presented. Mom, Joy, Byron and Nan got there on time and sat up in the front at the Andrews Table. After the award was presented we sat in the back and enjoyed a nice meal and some really good speeches, along with 52 pictures taken by Mary!
best selfie I could get!

Check out my nan in the bottom right- she's wearing a blardigan!! Jera got it for her for Christmas and she loves it!!

After the banquet, Jon drove me back to Indy while I slept the entire way... waking up only for potty breaks! He went to work right after he dropped me off! Monday was a long day... longer for him than me!

Well that's the weekend in a nutshell! It was fast and tiring but well worth it! 6 years ago at this time my dad was in the hospital in STL. He was sick and we didn't know whether he would make it! Praise God that dad is still with us today and going strong! He is truly amazing! My dad is the hardest worker I have ever met and definitely one of my heroes! I love you Daddy!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday!! Hallelujah!

Hey everyone!! Wohoo! It's Friday! I'm ready for the weekend! I know I'm a stay at home mom so I only clock out during nap and bed time, but there is just something about a weekend that is so very refreshing!

This post will be kind of a random mix of favorites and then I will reveal who won the giveaway! It's a good thing I don't play the lottery because every time I enter a giveaway, big or small, I automatically am disappointed if I don't win it! Haha! Like I think I will be chosen every time!

Canaan and Nixon were stalling! We went to dinner at Grandma and Papa's on Tuesday night and they didn't want to leave to come home so they had a picnic on the floor! I love when they are playing together and getting along, so most of the time I just go with it!

On Thursday morning we were at our favorite donut shop here in Columbus getting donut holes for the kids. I was waiting in the line of cars and Canaan said, "hey that van looks like Joshy's car only the wrong color" then Nixon proceeded to say Joshy about 42 times! These kids love their uncle Joshy!! Just to clarify, Joshy is an HVAC technician so he does drive a van with ladders on top:)

Canaan brings home all kinds of wonderful crafts each day after preschool! This kid loves her craft time! On Thursday she brought home binoculars for little Molli! We don't get to see Molli that much but Canaan sure does love her!

One of my friends posted this picture and I automatically posted it on a friends wall that is a PT! I thought it was hilarious and so very true!! Most of the time if you ask a patient what their goal is they say they want to walk... Good thing OT's are so generous to not point out the obvious about needing to bathe, get dressed, comb hair, use hands, etc! The list goes on and on! 

Yesterday I had a pinterest parenting fail! So on pinterest I kept seeing all of these fabulous ways to combat the cold weather with your kids inside! I have a little man that needs some outside time but since it's been cold and cloudy that hasn't happened! I decided to try out this dry noodle thing! I put out a bunch of dry noodles in 2 bowls with measuring cups, spoons, etc and told the kids to play! I envisioned this...
but got this...

It's difficult to see but that would be crushed noodles all over the floor in tiny shreds that dig into your feet and hands! It was a fail to say the least and had to be vacuumed up!

Ok, last but not least because I have a kid screaming... The winner of the Giveaway is Amanda Clark! I was so happy with all of the participation with this! Amanda, contact me to let me know if you want the book in paper copy or digital! You can email me at or facebook message me!  Number 87!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Make sure to buy the book if you haven't already! It's getting great reviews and will change the way you look at raising your kids in today's society!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weekend recap, launch day and a giveaway!!

Hey everyone!! I hope you all are having a fantastic day!! My day is going well and it's almost nap time, plus we are going to my in laws for dinner tonight!! With all of that and 2 hours with no kids this morning my day has and should continue to be great!

Last week Jonathon had off for MLK day, then we had late start, snow day and 2 more late starts! It was a cold and slick week! We took advantage of opening night of Disney on ice and the kids loved it!! We had great seats and the price was too good to pass up! We literally decided to go, bought the tickets and left in less than 30 minutes... that, my friends is how the Elliott's roll!

Nixon loved the show! He only got antsy at intermission!

Proof that Nixon was slightly antsy at intermission... He made us take off his sweater and of course he was sporting a tiny tee:) 

Sweet little boy chubby fingers!

This is the best group pic I got! Nixon probably has a combination of fruit snacks and dry skin on his face!! No filter here!

This past weekend was pretty non-eventful. Friday night we went to Tiffany's house for tacos and fun! Check out this kids table: 
Four tiny kids eating at a separate table!! I love the kid table now that I get to sit at the adult table!! We had Mav with us but of course he was perfect!! 

Saturday I had to grocery shop which included a trip to SAMs club!! You know how I like sans club! 
Trying out a fun chair! Left the store with hamburger, chicken and of course, ate lunch at the food court! I would like to suggest to all of the execs at SAMs club that frequent my blog: help a mom out and Provide some high chairs!! 

Saturday night was nothing short of a miracle! Grandma and Papa returned from their WEEK long stay in Florida! Hallelujah!! Oh my goodness, they are NEVER allowed to leave again! My kids drove me bonkers asking to see them! Seriously, Nixon would go to our back door and look outside and cry for Papa! I'm like, son, the deck has been finished for months now so I don't think Papa is just going to come hang out on our deck for fun (unless he is smoking a cigar)! 
Nixon playing games with Papa!

This is BB Grace! We had to send a picture to Turner (that is who got it for Canaan at cousin Christmas). Jera sent us a video back! Canaan and Nixon were SO excited!

Sunday was pretty typical, Nixon going crazy at church! Pretty sure they drugged him in Sunday school! He was body slamming Canaan, running, jumping and falling on the pews. Balancing on his tummy on top of the pew, etc. all I have to say is he's a preacher's kid... I'm sure some day it will get easier! Until then, I'll pull my hair out and curl up in the fetal position every Sunday afternoon with a blanket trying to sleep off the morning torture session! Haha!! In all reality it was a rough Sunday! 

Today is the day!! I'm so excited that everyone has access to buying Raising Grateful Kids by Kristen Welch! Do you have kids of any age, are you pregnant, will you be pregnant some day, do you ever plan on being around children you like or love, do you know someone who is pregnant, or who has a family, do you know any kids that need to learn how to be grateful?! Are you getting the idea?! Get the book!! It's seriously very good and so applicable! 

Since I loved it so much... I'm doing a giveaway!! Ok, stop cheering and join the giveaway!!

I will announce the winner tomorrow and get your address and ship the book directly to you or whoever you want me to ship it to! If you prefer a digital copy and I can figure that out I will do that too! 

Top 5 things I loved about this book:
1. Kristen gave practical advice at the end of each chapter! It was directed towards, parents, toddlers, tweens and teens! 

2. The prayer collage! Each night before bed we ask our kids who they want to pray for! My bestie, has already made a collage- maybe she will help me with one:) I can't wait use this with Canaan! 

3. Kristen talks about letting your kids lose, letting them fail, feeling hurt, etc so that they can LEARN how to succeed!! This is SO important! I know this is hard, but really they have to learn how to win and lose! Canaan is into racing- everything is a race! We race upstairs, we race to buckle, we race to do everything- but eat, we take that seriously! At first she would get made each time she lost. We talked to her about winning and losing correctly. So now when she loses, she says, "I'll get you next time" I secretly LOVE to hear this! This is a vital lesson that kids need to learn! Especially in our day of participation trophies, everyone is a winner, and all of that "crap" this is so important! WE, as parents are just setting our kids up to lose in the long run when we let them win all the time!

4. The book really talks about kids having responsibilities at all ages! I LOVE this! Growing up we worked around the house just about every Saturday morning... now I sometimes dreaded that work... pretty much all the time. Think picking up teeny, tiny rocks out of dirt that lines a driveway as long as a football field... yeah, it was not fun! But through this dreadful activity and others, like watering the shrubs out front:) I learned work ethic from a young age. Rewards come with responsibility! Canaan has a doggy bank (thanks to Morgan) that she loves putting coins into! I'm going to try and reward her with pennies and other coins when she helps with specific tasks! I don't believe money is the only and best way to reward but it's what motivates your kid! 

5. Technology talk! Thankfully, right now I don't have kids that want cell phones, etc, but we have iPads that they kids like to watch. Kristen does an awesome job talking about the use of technology and how it can help and hurt our kids!! Technology free day... probably needs to happen in my house, but whoa that is going to be hard! We will start slow and say maybe technology free morning or afternoon... Canaan watches the iPad while I put Nixon down and that will be hard for me to let go of... Just being real! 

How to join the giveaway. The giveaway will end on Thursday at midnight! You have until 1/28/16 to enter. I'm going to use a random number generator between the numbers 1-200. Please pick a number and place it either in the comments of the blog or on my (Kate Elliott) facebook post! Don't post the number on a post of someone who shared it because I may not see it! If you do it on facebook- please share:) If 2 people have picked the same number (for example the number 22 is written twice or 3x) then I will go by who posted it first!

Is that as clear as mud?! Please leave your email address, or name and check back here on Friday to see who won!! Ahh, you all will LOVE this book!

Ps: a big thank you to Keli Francka with ItWorks for helping me figure out how to do my giveaway for free:)

What's Up Wednesday!?!

Hey Everyone! I'm linking up today to do What's UP Wednesday! Before I forget, remember you have until tomorrow night at midnight (1/28/2016) to enter the giveaway for Kristen Welch's new book, Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. 

What We're eating this week:
Monday Night- I went to dinner with a friend (it was fabulous). I made Mix and Match Mama's Enchilada Elbow Bake. I thought it was great- I snuck a bite, my husband liked it but the kids were not impressed! I think next time I will make the toppings and mix it with rice.

Tuesday Night- eating at Grandma and Papa

Wednesday Night- Orange Chicken! It's a favorite for sure!

Thursday Night- Crock pot fajitas! This is a new one for me, but it's healthy, I think the kids will eat the chicken in a quesadilla, I'll put mine on lettuce and I have tortillas for Jon if he wants them!

Friday Night- Chili-plain, boring chili, unless we are going somewhere!

What I'm Reminiscing about:
I just got preschool registration forms for next year and Canaan will be in Pre-K!! AHH!! Seriously, hold me now! I can't imagine not having her around every day all day!! I have to remind myself daily that the days are long but the years are short! I NEED that in a sign!
Be still my heart... This little girl will be in pre-k and then kindergarten and then she's going to get older and realize I'm not the coolest person in the whole world!! 

What I'm loving: 
I'm LOVING MOPS! Do you have a MOPS organization near you?! If not, move or start one! Seriously, every Tuesday (except for snow delays) I take Nixon to MOPS while Canaan is at school. Every other Tuesday I go... so that means, I have every other Tuesday morning for 2 blessed hours by myself! What do I do?! I don't even know some days, but today I got coffee and walked around target- didn't buy anything (go me)! I cleaned up the kitchen, did laundry and got all caught up so that when I picked up my kids, we played!!

What We've been up to:
We have been renting movies a lot on these cold days/nights! Winter has finally arrived and Canaan and Nixon have a new LOVE for Family Video here in Columbus! I'm not a huge movie person but I will watch one with the kids. We rented a few movies last week and Jonathon took the kids to the movie store last night and rented Toy Story 3. We pretty much watch the movie every day, every hour that the TV is on for 5 days and then take it back right before I toss it out the window! 

What I'm dreading:
I can't really think of anything I'm dreading... Sometimes I dread waking up in the morning to workout but after I do my T-25, I feel much better! I also dread meal planning but I will always dread making a grocery list and deciding what I'm making for the next week!

What I'm working on:
I'm working on blogging more! I'd like to blog a couple of times a week, so I'm trying to make an effort to do that! I'm also working on eating better! I workout each morning but then I eat EVERYTHING in site! So I'm working on eating better and more getting more protein each day! Right now, I'm loving my simple shake of chocolate protein powder and PB2 powder! Shake, Shake and drink! 

What I'm excited about:
I'm getting really excited for all of the TV shows to start again! I'm also super excited for the Fuller House Reunion series to start!! 

I'm getting excited to go skiing in March!
I'm hoping to travel home the first week in February to see Wicked with my sisters, mom and nieces. Canaan would go to it too... I'm not sure how she will do in it, but I hope she loves it! I'm not excited about that drive!! Ugh!

I'm also excited for husband's trip to Africa this summer! I mean, I'm also dreading him being gone for 2 1/2 weeks but I can't wait to hear about everything he sees and experiences!! I'm sure it will be life changing! 

What I'm watching/reading:
Well if you've read my blog before today, then you know I've been reading Raising Grateful Kids by Kristen Welch. I LOVED the book and definitely recommend it for ANYONE! I'm hosting a giveaway that you can enter until Thursday night at midnight! Look back at my previous post to know how to enter!

I'm also watching Gilmore Girls! I love the quirkiness of the show! It's so old and I love seeing their clothes and listening to the humor of the show!

What I'm listening to:
I don't really think I listen to anything unless it is Paw Patrol, Sid the Science Kid, or Super Why! Now you know, if you are a mom of toddlers, you just started singing those songs! Haha!!

What I'm wearing:
I took one picture... haha! Similar Jeans, Toms, similar Tank, similar Shirt  Sweaters on sale right now at Old Navy!! Check it out!

What I'm doing this weekend:
I have no idea!! Remember how we bought tickets for Disney on Ice and left in 30 minutes, well that is how most weekends are! I'm guessing we will spend time with friends or family! 

What I'm looking forward to next month:
Ok, let's pretend this is February and I can be excited about skiing next month! Yay!! I haven't been skiing in over 6 years! That is just too long! Canaan is going to do ski school this year and then ski with us after that! I know it will be a lot different this year since I will have the kids there but I can't wait!! Breckenridge, prepare yourself!!

What else is new:
I've been planning several of our family trips that are coming up and I feel like I have found my calling! I absolutely LOVE planning trips! I think I should become a travel agent! If you have an opening, let me know!! I'm pretty great at this! Haha! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Momfessional Moments! My confessions...

Good Tuesday afternoon! I'm feeling slightly over productive today because I am doing 2 blog posts within 24 hours! I couldn't pass this one up though! If you didn't read my last post, scroll on up to read about Kristen Welch's new book being released on January 26th. Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World is something that if we were all being honest is needing work! 

So today I'm linking up to share some momfessional moments! Ok, girls, prepare... I'm about to let you all in on my secrets... (nothing crazy, probably boring, and maybe a little are disgusting)

1. Often times I drive around in my neighborhood with the kids in the car to get some peace and quiet! My kids actually really like the car so I take full advantage of it on nights when Jon has to work late or we are needing out of the house, we go on a drive! I get them cookies, candy bars whatever, we just drive! 

2. Blankets over sheets- So I wanted to get my kids flannel sheets but Canaan should be getting out of  a crib soon and those things are not cheap! I bought some fleece blankets and placed those over their crib sheets and they thought it was the coolest thing ever! 
Canaan slept in her big girl bed for 3 nights... We are now back in a crib!

3. Speaking of sheets- I'm not sure the last time I washed those blankets! That's gross, I know, but I feel like they aren't in them that much! I usually wash it when Canaan's pink pillow that she carries everywhere gets stinky!! 

4. I HATE BATH TIME! When Judson, my nephew was younger, he went through a phase of telling random people, "I don't want to take a bath" haha!! Well I feel you Jud! Bath time gets so messy, water everywhere, toys everywhere! Ugh! Thankfully, Canaan is in a daddy phase so Jon gets to do the majority of the bathing ritual... I mean let's be honest, it only happens about once a week!

5. Canaan's hair... It's beautiful and a pain in the butt! It's naturally curly and blonde... She is now in a phase of not wanting to brush it! EVER! So the hair gets brushed thoroughly after baths, but on the other days we just touch up! We have a wet brush that works well... Has anyone tried the satin pillowcase trick? 

6. My kids eat lunch in the TV room! They think it's fabulous and so do I! I typically make dinner during this time or at least prepare! Nixon's out of the kitchen and they are both occupied having a special treat in the TV room- Win, Win for all of us! They also each get a bowl of strawberries and a very small 3 musketeer in the morning for breakfast! I'm not above hiding the strawberries in the refrigerator so they don't see them when they open it up! I used to steal a small bite of Nixon's candy bar each morning... now he realizes and I can't do that:( 
I paid 6 dollars for those strawberries!
7. I have a deep LOVE for Sam's club! I take my kids there at least once a week! #addiction The kids can both get pizza and I can get a coke zero with a little cherry coke in it for under 5 dollars! We are all excited! 

8. My kids wear pajamas to church every Sunday night. Yep, that's right, pastor's wife of the year! My kids look like a disheveled mess at church on Sunday night. They are usually waking up from nap and we just go with it! Canaan has to wear PJs anytime she sleeps so on Sunday I just put Nixon in them too!

9. I have a pink Christmas tree up in my kitchen... still! When I was putting away the Christmas decorations, Canaan wanted to leave it out, so I did! I just realized it was still there today! Oh well, it has a nice little nook to sit in! Maybe it will be a Valentines day tree soon!

10. I throw away 95% of all the CRAP Canaan brings home from school and even Sunday School! I can't do it in front of her... She would flip! Usually with Sunday School, I save it for that week then toss it if it's nothing something really unique. Her school stuff, I typically try to pick out several pieces from a quarter and the rest of it gets tossed. The stuff I do keep goes in her "Canaan's art portfolio" I mean, I'm going to have at least 15 more years of her stuff and Nixon's! I hate clutter, so it gets tossed!

There are 10 of my confessions, I could go on but I really like even numbers and 10 seems like a complete number! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Raising Grateful Kids...

Hey Everyone!! So for the past few weeks I've been reading a new book that will be released January 26th!! Everyone get excited, the book is amazing! Kristen Welch gives families practical advice for any age child. At the end of each chapter she gives tips on how to apply what you just read. Ok, so I love reading all of the encouraging and inspiring books on how to love my kids/husbands, neighbors more but after I finish the 200 pages, I'm always like... well that sounds great but how in the world will I ever fit all of that in to my 24 hour day!?! Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World seriously outlines ways to make small changes that will make huge impacts in our family! You can pre-order it now and then have it when it releases on January 26th!

Ok, so today I'm going to share a few ways that I'm trying to teach my kids to be grateful in today's world of excess! Now keep in mind my kids are 20 months and 3 1/2 years old... so nothing is crazy, out of the box or anything like that!

Raise your hand if before going to a family Christmas you give your kids the lecture about make sure you say thank you and even if you don't like the gift just act like it and then we will take care of it later! Who does that?!? I know I did... I remember seeing my sister when her little girl was about 3 years old saying "Now Jaylee, make sure you say thank you even if you don't like it." At the time I was a stupid aunt and thought what in the world?! Why would Jaylee not like something?! Fast Forward oh about 6 years to Canaan seeing her stocking at my Nan's house. Lo and behold she had Olaf gummies while Bryton had Elsa gummies... It broke loose... We have tears in the famous "Kids line up in front of the fireplace picture" After receiving a lecture from her daddy (AHHH!) Canaan's attitude changed. So that was a fail!

After this little issue on Christmas Eve, Eve I decided that Canaan needed to learn a little more about how to be grateful but I wasn't sure how to expect that from her or teach her. Thankfully this book has given us some great tips/tricks to help with that!

1. Recently I've been crazy about saying please and thank you! Encouraging words and encouraging tones! Nixon has started saying please and thank you. It is seriously an easy way to show that you are grateful whether it be a small task like getting a spoon or a large task! As a momma, I've also noticed that I need to be saying please and thank you more. I don't like receiving commands from Canaan and soon Nixon, so I have been asking politely (still with authority if needed) for the kids to do things.

2. We are trying to go on an Entitlement diet! Just like I'm trying to lose a few extra pounds, I'm trying to clean up my kids entitlement attitude! For example, the other day I was getting ready to put Canaan down for nap. I usually let her watch iPad while I'm putting Nixon down, however that day I told her that it was too late for that and we needed to go straight to bed. She replied "No mom, you always let me watch my iPad, I get to watch it." Well that didn't end well, but in the end she understood (for that moment) that just because I usually let her do something, that doesn't mean that it should be expected. It's a privilege not an entitlement!

3. Another thing that we are starting to change is asking the kids to help out more. I'm a type A slightly obsessive person that likes everything to have it's place, etc. So I tend to take over when picking up and doing daily chores. However, I'm now asking (politely most of the time) Canaan to help set the table and clean up after dinner. So far, she has enjoyed it! When everyone helps out, it's way more fun and then we can play sooner! This is hard for momma, but I'm learning to like the ketchup in the wrong spot and a few extra crumbs here and there to teach them how to help!

4.  Kristen suggested making a prayer collage with pictures of friends and family to serve as a visual aid. Ok, I LOVE this!! Every night before bed, we ask the kids for prayer requests. Usually Nixon says, Lyla. Sometimes, Canaan will pick someone out but then there are other nights like tonight, where it's a list of excuses not to pick someone... I think the prayer collage will be perfect for her! She can point to the picture and it will make it more fun to pick out who to pray for that night!

Overall, I don't really care if my kids are the popular kids (I'd actually prefer them not to be) or have the coolest clothes, newest car, etc, but I do want them to learn that they should be grateful for every experience, the good and bad. There are days that I don't want to be grateful! I wake up tired because I've been up the night before or the kids keep fighting and I'm wanting to pull my hair out... I'm embarrassed to say how many days I've been like that. Then sometimes I will get a wake up call. I'll be holding Nixon when he's going to sleep and just find myself being thankful that I have a healthy growing boy! I'll be reading with Canaan and realize how blessed I am to have her! I think sometimes I don't show how grateful I am enough! I'm more apt to complain about something/anything than to see all the blessings that are right in front of my eyes!!

Like I said, nothing crazy exciting but we are trying to teach gratefulness in this crazy world that our kids will grow up in!
This would be Canaan (2nd from the left) throwing a tantrum about Olaf Gummies!

So what does gratefulness look like in your home?! How are you succeeding or needing to improve on? Share in the comments below! 

Inspiring an Attitude of Gratitude - by Alison Rasisng Grateful Kids - by amanda Why You Can't Buy Gratitude At The Dollar Store - by Andrea Missing - Gratefulness in our home - by Ange Choosing Gratitude - by Angela Gratefullness - by chaley 5 Steps to Gratitude-Fille Family - by Christa Practicing Grateful Parenting - by Dana Sing a Song - by Hannah Cultivating gratitude in our family - by Jamie Gratefulness In Our Home - by Jana Gratefulness In Our Home - by Jana Let It Begin With Me - by Jen Choosing Gratefulness - by Jennifer Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World - The Book - by jeri Eradicating Entitlement - What are you rooted in? - by Jessica Gratefulness in our home - by Kate The Problem With Entitlement is that it begins with us - by Katelyn 7 Unusual Ways I Know How to Be Grateful - by Kathryn Raising Grateful Kids - by Keri How My Children Remind Me to Pray with Gratitude - by Kishona Grateful - by Kristy Entitlement: The Ugly Truth of a Beautiful Lie - by Leigha The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Raise Grateful Kids - by Lindsey Dear Son: How Do I Teach You To Be Grateful Without Guilt? - by Marie Osborne Gratitude, A Practical Definition - by Mia Cultivating Gratitude in Our Home - by Nancy Learning Gratitude through Chronic Illness - by Rachel Being Grateful - by Rebecca I've Found Something I Can't Live Without - by Sarah The Power of Naming our Gifts - by Sarah Outfitted - by Sarah Jo Growing Gratitude in our Family - by Sondra Teaching Gratefulness - by Stephanie How Grateful Looks From Here - by Alison Fighting Entitlement in Children and All of us - by Leah Entitlement Problem - by Karrie Grateful Today - by Krystal

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Random Post!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are surviving this frigid January weather! I think Winter has finally arrived! I was trying not to complain about the weather while talking to my bestie, when actually I was complaining about the weather! She re-focused my attention to the fact that it's already January and we are just now dealing with snow and prolonged periods of below freezing temperatures!

Monday we had our first snow day! It was kind of a long day of being inside and not having enough snow to actually play in! I did enjoy some kid time and we really played with a lot of the toys we got for Christmas. Monday night we ventured out and to the library to go to Milk and Cookies story time and they even had a craft after story time was over. It was a lot of fun and a good break after a day inside!

 Nixon actually did really good sitting and listening to the stories! The craft was making a yeti! Canaan and Nixon both made them and played puppet shows with them when we got home! Nixon is definitely into copying EVERYTHING Canaan does!! EVERYTHING!

I've started back on eating right and exercising! I'm so faithful with my exercising but my eating right is a weakness!! It's awful! I do great then sabotage myself at the end of the day! I love sweets:) This protein is my new favorite affordable protein! It was on sale at Meijer and Jonathon and I stocked up! We also got some PB2 from amazon and I LOVE putting that in my shake! Definitely best value at amazon!

We've spent some time playing at Grandma and Papa's house recently! The kids love to go there and I love taking them there to play and relax... although there is no relaxing with Nixon around! 


They love to help Grandma cook, use the sink whatever she lets them do! Canaan helped set the table last night and even got drink orders for everyone:) It was great!

Here's a new game that they do at Grandma's house... They are always supervised of course:) 

I've been reading a new book recently! It's by Kristen Welch. It will be released in a few weeks and I think you all will LOVE it! The book is challenging the world views on raising children for sure! I love that at each chapter she has tips for toddlers, adolescents, and teens on how to apply the chapter. Sometimes I read these practical parenting books but then don't really know how to apply all of these new ideas, however this book is different! You can pre-order it now or wait until the release date!

Well that's all! Just another random entry with my week. It's not been very eventful but I'm thankful for that! It was crazy busy over the Christmas season so January we have been slowing down some!